Performance-oriented Organizational and Financial Analyst. Experienced and Profit-optimal Day-Trader



Employment Opportunities, Coffee Chat, and Networking

Competitive Benchmark Analysis

Competitive KPI Data Analysis and Metrics Identification for Darden School of Business Fulltime MBA Global Opportunities

With the intention of enhancing the existing global study and work opportunities offered by the Darden Center of Global Initiatives (DCGI) at Darden School of Business for all full-time MBA students based in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was tasked by DCGI to conduct a competitive benchmarking analysis of 25 peer business schools. The final objective was to identify risks and opportunities within the current Darden program and present data-indicated innovative ideas to stakeholders at Darden.

*Example photos were processed due to confidential reason*

Metrics Identifications, KPI Analysis, and Data Visualization

Informational Transcription, Risks and Growth Identification


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