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Charlottesville Healthcare Analysis and Solutions

I worked alongside my UVA Catalyst colleagues Zonna Amin, Max Caboti-Jones, Sarah Dean, and Skylar Gay to tackle the intricacies of the Charlottesville Healthcare scheme across three focal dimensions: chronic illness (particularly diabetes), the underinsured and underrepresented community, and accessible healthcare providers. Through a comprehensive analysis and cross-comparison of data within these dimensions, our findings lead us to the conclusion that a targeted domestic governmental policy, centered around education, and involving collaboration between UVA medical students, WellAware, and the Charlottesville Free Clinic, holds significant promise in substantially improving the long-term underinsured situation related to chronic diseases.

We finalized and disseminated our findings via an Op-Ed letter featured in the Daily Progress on December 17th, 2023.

A breakthrough point for imbalanced care of chronic illness in Charlottesville (dailyprogress.com)

Example of Data Collection and Preliminary Research

Example of Informational Interviews with Charlottesville Medical Professionals and Healthcare Providers

Example of Population Models for Charlottesville Using Bar Graph (Gender)

Crafting a Narrated Conclusion through Data Analysis

Publication; Dec 17th, 2023


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