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Category: My Past Projects

  • Charlottesville Healthcare Analysis and Solutions

    I worked alongside my UVA Catalyst colleagues Zonna Amin, Max Caboti-Jones, Sarah Dean, and Skylar Gay to tackle the intricacies of the Charlottesville Healthcare scheme across three focal dimensions: chronic illness (particularly diabetes), the underinsured and underrepresented community, and accessible healthcare providers. Through a comprehensive analysis and cross-comparison of data within these dimensions, our findings…

  • Competitive Benchmark Analysis

    Competitive KPI Data Analysis and Metrics Identification for Darden School of Business Fulltime MBA Global Opportunities With the intention of enhancing the existing global study and work opportunities offered by the Darden Center of Global Initiatives (DCGI) at Darden School of Business for all full-time MBA students based in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was tasked by…

  • Organizational Management Darden School of Business

    Gantt Chart Iterative-Design Process for Risk Assessments and Workflow Mapping In my capacity at Darden School of Business, I spearheaded a pivotal initiative focused on meticulously mapping the workflows of Darden Worldwide Courses (Full-Time MBA) and the Global Residency Program (Executive MBA). Delving into the intricacies of historical data from both programs in collaboration with…