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Organizational Management Darden School of Business

Gantt Chart Iterative-Design Process for Risk Assessments and Workflow Mapping

In my capacity at Darden School of Business, I spearheaded a pivotal initiative focused on meticulously mapping the workflows of Darden Worldwide Courses (Full-Time MBA) and the Global Residency Program (Executive MBA). Delving into the intricacies of historical data from both programs in collaboration with travel sub-contractors and analyzing past expenditure bids, my role involved a comprehensive examination. The objective was to enhance the existing Work Mapping and execution manual through collaborative iterative design process with current CGI directors for the incoming Global Program Manager.

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Cyclical Prediction through Gantt Chart

Work Breakdown and Risk Assesment through Excel

New Program Mapping

By systematically assessing incomplete historical data, my efforts were instrumental in extrapolating risks and opportunities tied to program execution. The derived insights were crucial in crafting an updated workflow mapping and bid expectations. This strategic approach not only averted potential excessive budgetary allocations but also significantly bolstered the overall success rate of the program. Through a thorough review of documents, I played a key role in providing valuable recommendations to streamline processes and optimize program outcomes.


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