Performance-oriented Organizational and Financial Analyst. Experienced and Profit-optimal Day-Trader



Employment Opportunities, Coffee Chat, and Networking

Strategy, Data, Teamwork, and Optimal Results

Past Projects

Organizational Analysis

Optimized Management for Darden School of Business Global Initiative Team. See example projects below.

Competitive Benchmark Analysis

Sub-Contractor Management and Workflow Mapping


A resistance portfolio structure that delivers a consistent 1% average daily return, regardless of market conditions.

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Program Management

Paid Student President (Program Administration and Development) for UVA Miller Arts Scholars AY 2023-2024; Experienced Program Developer/Leader; Advocate for Inclusive Access. See one of the example Initiatives below.

Call to Increase Access to Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Faculty at the University of Virginia

Call for Miller Arts Scholars Transcript Designation Facing UVA Admin

Consulting Analysis

Data-Driven and Community-Focused, I contributed to providing fresh perspectives for underinsured healthcare scheduling through collaborative data analysis with my colleagues in the Catalyst Program.

See Project Details here. The results were published in the Daily Progress on December 17th, 2023, reaching the wider Charlottesville community. A breakthrough point for imbalanced care of chronic illness in Charlottesville (dailyprogress.com)

More about Me

I am passionate about business, finance, and working with people.


My strength lies in my ability to adapt quickly, envisioning the bigger picture for strategy mapping, excellent skills in managing upward, and effective communication with people.

I perceive work as a conduit for accomplishing both personal aspirations and community objectives, intimately intertwined with the upliftment of the community and the well-being of individuals. I approach all projects with the same dedication and earnestness, understanding its significance in contributing to broader communal and personal advancements.

I am consistently active in promoting gender representation in the workplace, advocating for female leaders and business professionals.

During my leisure hours, I enjoy engaging in workouts, kayaking adventures, and tennis matches. You might also find me testing my skills at a Texas No-Limit Hold’em table when I’m not occupied with school.


Cecilia Huang